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Monday Treats

SOSF Swap - Packed and Ready to be Shipped Out

Mmmmmm Soup is good food

Creating a Card - SOSF Card & Chocolate Swap

Creamy Roses

Caesar's Creek - Ohio

Packed and Ready

Valentine Dolls - Finally Completed

Valentine Paper Doll Swap

The snow finally arrives in Ohio

Maude & Mozart's December Challenge

Dinner Tonight - A Tribute to Italy

Horoscope for a Gemini

Scrapbook Saturday

Calzone Monday

Just Another Rainy Day

To Noah: Tipp City Train

Grandma C

Eating Cotton Candy

Saturday with Audrey

Kung Pao Chicken and BlowJobs


Ares Christmas Wish

Still Raining

Oh Happy Day

The snacks of New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year - 2007