The first Sunday in May

We got up early today, in order to be at the movies at 9:45 to watch Spiderman 3. Now... I've read good reviews and bad reviews, but overall, I enjoyed this movie more than the first two. Boychild; however, did not like it.

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After the movies we went to Fox and Hound for lunch. Then stopped at Lowe's to pick up some potting soil and rocks.

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I bought this insta-grow border from QVC and wanted to plant them in a couple of window boxes. This is the first time I've tried the product, but it looked so easy... and well I believed the QVC host.... so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to see a beautiful display of flowers in about 4 weeks. If it turns out, I'll post a picture.

Lowe's also had some pretty Hibiscus plants that were shaped like a tree. I bought an orange one... I think the flowers on it are beautiful.

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Off to watch "The Nativity Story". I rented it yesterday from the library. Of course we all know the story line... but this version got some good reviews... and I want to check it out.



Mom said…
Isn't Spider Man wearing a red suit any longer? This one looks black.
Noah wants me to buy some ROLL AND GROW stuff to plant. He even provided me with the 800 number
Katie said…
I've also heard mixed reviews about Spiderman, I haven't seen it yet but I probably will. I like those days when you get an early start because you can use up the entire day and nothing is wasted. It looks like you had a very productive day and that hibiscus is gorgeous! :)

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