Still Sick

I've been sick for the last several days. You know that sore throat, runny, congested nose, body aches and fever. Thursday and Friday I spent the majority of the day sleeping... I didn't even log on the computer.

Today I did go out to get a haircut and my eyebrows waxed... but came home and took a nap.

Look under my eyes......... major brownage going on. My face aches... I guess my sinus are now infected.

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Didn't feel like making supper so I used convenience food to create dinner. A pasta dish from Target and stuffed pork chops from Trader Joes.

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And here's the finished results:

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Hubby made this startling revelation tonight. "when you don't feel good, your cooking is sick too". Duh!!!


Melissa said…
I didn't know you were sick. I hope you get to feeling better, and yes, you have some brownage going on under the eye. Looks like a bruise is forming.

Hubby should have fixed you some dinner. By the way, did you see the comment Audrey left you were about your apple pie, it was very sweet!
Anonymous said…
Nice photographs, as usual. I like the looks of the food already.

I wanted to describe the White Porcelain Duck I photographed this morning. I did put a picture of it on my Birds Blog as it is a new species I think.
Patty said…
Hope you're feeling better. Tell dear husband the next time to fix it himself. When you feel like crap, you usually don't feel like cooking since you can't smell anything or taste it, so nothing sounds good. If your sinuses aren't feeling better by tomorrow (Monday) you better get to the doctor. That can cause you to ache all over and feel really, really crappy. The photo of your eye looks like someone socked you. Love you
Melinda said…
I thought the food looked pretty good actually.......

hope you feel better soon
Audrey said…
i didn't know that you were sick so sorry that you are sick and i hope you are felling better

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