Woo Hoo Thursday

Okay... the first three days of the week really, really SUCKED........... but today is was a good day. The fog I've been in lately is clearing and even through they are predicting 2 inches of snow after Midnight with sleeting rain... it will be Friday.... and I plan on having a fantastic weekend.

So... looking through snow pictures of the past... here's a picture from Cox Arboretum from 2004.

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It's only 11:08 but I think I'm going to bed. It's been a long week and I'm kinda of tired.

Have a great Friday.


Melissa said…
How was your Christmas party/white elephant exchange? What are you doing this weekend?
Patty said…
Looks cold and it is, pretty darn cold again this morning, although just a tad warmer, I don't think it got over 25 all day yesterday and right now it is 26. Have a good day at work, and yes another week-end is here all ready. Love you
tongue in cheek said…
What a beautiful photo. Is this outside your house?

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