Hello April

April arrives and we had huge snowflakes this morning. Mother Nature playing a little April's Fools on us?

I looked upwards and questioned if warm weather will actually arrive this year.  I'm sure it will but the snow just doesn't want to give up.

I spent the day getting rid of those dark roots that naturally appear when you are trying very hard to be blonde.  The bleach on your scalp is just a slow torment, but the results are worth it, or they are for now.

I did book our reservation for a Florida trip this fall.  It will be nice to spend time at the ocean and just watch the waves, smell that good ocean smell and just listen.

Do you have any plans for April?  I need to take down my Easter decorations and get the patio ready for warm weather.  This year I'm hanging up a couple more curtain panels around the patio.  I'm actually thinking about dying them a pale pink.  I did hang up a few items today on the outside patio walls.  Can you tell I'm anxious?

I want to read 113 books this year. Not really sure why that number popped into my head one day, but it did and I want to see this goal to the end.

I'm currently reading "Grace" by Grace Coddington.  She's a remarkable lady and the book is very interesting.  I'm up to the 1980's.

When she was a little girl she would flip through Vogue, it was like the fashion world was calling to her.  She modeled and then eventually started working for British Vogue as a Junior Editor.  In 1988, she joined Anna Wintour at American Vogue and has been the magazine's creative director ever since.

I'm always fascinated by people who know what they want to do, especially at a young age.  Nothing has ever really called out to me.  I do like to teach people things and wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, but I think all little girls go through that phase.  Now that I'm getting to the age that I'm getting to, I feel like I should know what I want to do.  I sort of fell into a career at the Bank, never really thinking about what I was doing.

And now I'm at the age and I do have lots of time on my hand, I'm thinking about going back to school.  I want to take some culinary classes.  I would also like to take some photography classes.  I think I've been interested in too many things and want to try lots of them.  Maybe that's the Gemini in me.  I'm restless and get bored easily.

Well I leave you with a Happy April wish.  May it be filled with lots of love and good memories, and of course I would have to say showers (i.e. rain and not snow) so May flowers will appear. Enjoy this month!


Jackie said…
Ahhhh...Florida, sunshine, the smell and sounds of the ocean.
I am a Florida girl; I live only 15 minutes from FL, was born there, and my parents live there now. Nonetheless, there isn't a time that I don't love walking along the coast, hearing those seagulls, listening to that surf, and feeling the breeze in my face.
Enjoy your trip....
I know that you will.

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