Just Dreamin'

When I came across this picture the other day it made me pause and really take a hard look. Deep down inside me I think it would be fantastic to be a vagabond, especially if you had a nice home on wheels to help you wander.

To travel to a new town, park your vehicle and just be. You could spend your day curled up with a book, or venture out and eat local cuisine, take an afternoon to visit famous historical sites or just sit on a bench and watch the people go by.

I think the sense of adventure is lacking in my life and surprisingly when you take those quizzes about what type of person you are, adventure is always high on my list.  Isn't that odd?  I suppose having a family to support and having responsibility sort of cuts into my adventurous soul.


Jackie said…
We all have our dreams, Angle...
Nothing wrong with that at all!

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