Back to Work

It's always hard returning back to work. But it's nice returning and having lots of birthday bags at your desk.

These little guys came from Debra.  It's a little Buddha pencil holder and a little Buddha business card holder.  I love them and they look good sitting on my desk at work.

My sore throat just doesn't go away.  But my cardiologist said it was okay to take the latest antibiotic my family doctor had prescribed.  It's one of the strongest ones out there and is used for anthrax and the plague.  You know the PLAGUE.  It has a lot of scary side effects and I wanted to get his okay before I began taking them.

Tomorrow the permanent crown goes on my tooth.  I will be thankful for that.  The temporary crown just doesn't want to stay glued into my mouth.

Looking up tie-dye videos and sharing them with the invitees for my tie-dye birthday celebration this Saturday.  Watching some of the videos are scaring me because this is definitely going to be a messy undertaking.

And the last item, today I had an Unagi Pie.  It's a Japanese sweet, buttery treat which is made with eels.  Yucky... but I didn't know they contained eels when I ate it... it was actually very good.

It's 11:44 and I'm off to read.  Good Night Monday.


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