#radicalselfloveJuly - A Look Back

For the month of July I participated in Gala Darling's instagram challenge entitle #radicalselflovejuly.   The daily prompts we were given are listed below:

Although I had an instagram account I rarely used it so I thought this challenge would be a fun way to get familiar with instagram, to meet new people and maybe even learn a thing or two about myself.

Now I must say I rarely take a selfie.  I think my arms are too short.  My selfies usually look like I'm staring into a door knob; not really in proportion.  However with this challenge I had to quickly learn how to take a picture of myself.  Here are just a few:

silly selfie

reflection selfie

super selfie

But this challenge also made me look at my idols; review my favorite quotes, actually take a photo and present it to the world with NO MAKEUP, and share a more intimate look of myself to the worldwide web.

I was very disappointed when the challenge was over.  And I certainly hope another similar challenge is looming out there in my future.  I'm thinking of putting together a challenge for myself in January on New Year's Resolutions.  

Anyway, thanks so much Gala Darling for creating this challenge.  It was fun, some of the prompts were challenging and I met some new friends along the way.


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