Sunday, January 28, 2007

Creating a Card - SOSF Card & Chocolate Swap

I'm participating in a swap put on by the Society of Secret Fairies. This is there link:

My partner is in England and I'm working on her goodie box. We have to make a card based on a chocolate theme. I happened to have some chocolate themed paper in my massive paper collection. So I began to create:

Of course... this is just making one card. I tend to be a little messy when I work.

And here is a close-up. I found a vintage "fairy" photo and glitterized it. Then I had a vintage looking alligator clip that I just had to use on this card.

I'll take a photo of everything I'm sending. I'm trying to keep the final package light... as it can be pricy sending overseas.

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Melinda, mom of Noah said...

angela this is all so do such creative work and have such wonderful ideas. Most everything you touch turns out just beautiful!