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Hello Again!!

I can't believe it's March 26th.  It seems with every passing year, the days fly past much too fast.

How has 2017 been going for you?  This must be the year I need to reevaluate what is happening in my life?

I started the year off with pain in my right wrist; that eventually required surgery.  Now that pain is gone but my wrist is swollen and has a large knock on it which makes it difficult to wear the Pandora bracelets that I have collected over the last couple of years.  Sort of ironic??  Now the Pandora bracelets that I just had to have no longer really means anything to me.

Now my right knee is hurting.  The knee is okay - however the muscles or whatever is around the knee is swollen, inflamed or just angry.  I've been popping quite a few pain pills waiting on approval for a knee brace that just doesn't seem to get approved.  Meanwhile Gary has been massaging the area and I must say my knee is finally feeling a little bit better.  At least I don't hobble when…

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