Maude & Mozart's December Challenge

In December as I was visiting some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled on a challenge at Maude and Mozart's blog. Laura's blog can be found at Basically the first five people that responded to the challenge by posting the challenge to their blog would win a piece of art from the host.

Laura presented me with a CD with songs that she chose for me based on a few questions she asked me. I must say I simply love the CD... especially the two songs by Doris Day and Bette Midler's version of Tenderly.

Thanks so much for making this CD for me... and as a thank you back... I'll be sending you some "art" I created today just for you.


Melissa said…
I wish I had your talent at making cards, I just don't have the patience.
yeah you are good pretty much ANYTHING you do.

I got my CD from her too.....I need to send her something I guess as a thankyou as well!

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