Valentine Dolls - Finally Completed

Of course with the xyron adhesive incident that happened earlier tonight I was sort of worried I wouldn't be able to complete these paper dolls.... but here they are:

I did do a little glitterizing... I mean... who doesn't like glitter. I also used those feathery little peacock fronds for the butterfly's feelers... but it's hard to see against the tree limbs. I hope who ever receives them, will enjoy them.

Yikes... now I have to clean up my mess before I go to bed... Boooooooo


really good job angie baby!
Jill said…
These are absolutely darling!!!
Laura said…
My first visit to you blog!!! Had to look quick tonight cause I am up past my bedtime. Added your name to my prize bowl. Just wanted to say that I love these Valentine dolls!!! They are so perfect!!!!
Laura said…
Wait a minute!!!!! Angela??????? Is that you??? I just put two and two together!!!!!!!! I am really slow tonight!!!!

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