Just Getting to Work.... at a Snail Pace

My 15 minute trip to work this morning... took 45 minutes. I really couldn't even tell why the traffic was so slow. The highway was clear.... and there had been an accident in the section we traveled... but that was already gone.

Anyway... I happened to have my camera... and these are two pictures I took this morning.

The below shot is of downtown Dayton. I really got lucky in taking the photo dead center with the roadway below (of course I would say that was skill... but we know it was just luck).

If you take the 3rd Street exit off 75N... you will drive past Sinclair Community College. The snow was new, white and unblemished. This is the shot I snapped as we drove by:

And this is from the office window.... 2nd Street and Jefferson.


the top one reminds me a bit of heading into downtown Denver...

great shots angela!

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