Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well it's not 22 below tonight... it got a little warmer... it's about 7 degrees... but it's snowing, snowing, snowing. I left work at 3:45... and I didn't get home until 6:00 p.m. Normally this is a 15 minute trip home.... traffic was unbelievable... and we had to wait 30 minutes until a hilly road could be cleared and salted before the police would let anyone on the road.

Although I used the little girl's room before leaving work... after 1 1/2 hours this little girl had to get to a bathroom quick. Fortunately their was a grocery store along the route... and after running in the store, without a coat, with a wild look of desperation on my face... three people in the deli section pointed the way to the restroom. It was "behind the scenes"... and was creepy... but on my God... I had a spiritual revelation as my butt hit the porcelain... I swear my eyes rolled backwards in my head... and I just sighed deeply.

After the 2 hour and 15 minute journey home... I said... hell with dinner... and went online and ordered pizza from Papa John's and even let them do the delivery.


hahaha....you sure do write funny things! Noah and I just finished shoveling here!
Anita said…
Oh, you have snow! I would love to take some (more) snow photos in my garden. So far, we just had some very little snow that melted away straight away....

Thanks for leaving a comment on my Valentine's heART give-away. New visitors are always highly appreciated!

You might have seen on my blog that went to someone else... ;-(( Nevertheless, I hope you'll pass by again very soon!
Sheila said…
Don't you hate those prolonged trips, the ones where you have no control...!
I once used the ladies room in a grocery store near me, from desperation...and it was the one the staff used. I was horrified at the condition of it and won't shop there anymore...LOL
Love the tree photo at the top of your post BTW.
smilnsigh said…
What a drive!

Order in pizza. Brillant idea, my Dear! ,-)


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