Snow Day - Free Day -- Yipee!!

I just received the magical phone call, the call that you might hear every couple of years... but our Managing Director has closed down Private Client Services today. Yipeeeeeeeeeee... a day from work. Unfortunately my hubby goes in tonight... and he is considered essential... so if his replacement doesn't show up tomorrow morning... he will be stuck and have to work until someone can replace him.

Now... after my doctor's appointment yesterday, we stopped by Esther Price's candy. I picked up a box of candy for boychild for tomorrow.. and picked up some chocolate covered strawberries for me. Now.... I can spend the day snuggled in a quilt, reading a good book and eating chocolate covered strawberries.

This is the snow at 7:30. Now the sound of little ice pellets are hitting the windows at 8:00 a.m. Originally we were suppose to get about an inch of ice.... I'm hoping that doesn't happen.


well I am wondering and thinking I probably should get out there and shovel NOW while I can and then toss some salt down! Don't want more of a mess to shovel later!
smilnsigh said…
Yeaaaaaaaaa, a snow day for you!!!!

Our whole area has a snow day.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! Enjoy one of those chocolate covered strawberries for _me_, please. I can't have any chocolate anymore. -sigh- -pout- -sigh- :-)


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