Such a Cold Cold Saturday

Well the winds have arrived, bringing the wind chill to about 5 below. We have electric heat, and when it gets bitterly cold, it just doesn't seem like electric heat really ever warms up a room.

I've been busy glitterizing some vintage pictures that I'll be using to create Valentine's Cards tomorrow.

I also made a cherry cobbler, cinnamon rings and for dinner we had a roasted vegetable pasta salad and pork chops encrused with a sweet and sassy mustard and panko bread crumbs.

Now I'm off to watch a movie. I might just go upstairs to watch it in the boychild's room... as it is the warmest room in the house. Of course... he doesn't like me using his TV when he is on his computer, listening to his I-pod... he claims a boy needs his privacy.

Try to stay warm....


it is bitter that is for sure! food sounds good as usual........the snowy pic is pretty too...looks about the same here!

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