Trying to Keep Warm

Happy Thursday everyone!

Trying to stay warm tonight... so I fixed a new chili recipe I found in the latest Good Housekeeping issue. It is called Southwestern Chili Pasta.

Now... when I attempt a new recipe... I try to follow it exactly the first time... and then I'll make it again... but I'll alter it. So tonight was their way.

I think it would be great for a large family that has a lot of mouths to feed and they want their food budget to stretch. It was very, very filling. Hubby thought it was okay... boychild... well... let's just say that for years I've been heavy with the cumin... and although at one time he loved that taste.... now he doesn't. This only has 1 teaspon of cumin in it... but he swore he could taste it. I could taste the cocoa.... but not really the cumin.

Another odd thing.. he normally smells like cumin because he doesn't like to wear deodorant. :::evil smile::::


looks yummy to should have posted the recipe!
smilnsigh said…
Hello to you! I just came upon your link, in a comment in Your Blog name caught my eye, as I'm always seeking simplicity too.

Well, I know. If you peek in my Blog, you may not think so. But I do. My ideal would be to have around me, only what I love and use. And to extend this ~ to my entire life.

But we all know, ideals are hard come by. :-) Or at least, they are always a work in progress. And that's quite the way, I like it. I'd never want to *be all done.* ,-)

Naturegirl said…
Popping by to say hello..was the HeArTs party not the best!! I have seen you along the way so here I am to say hello! The post with your tea/cup ~white roses~ LoVe it as I have posted MaNy a white rose in past posts!nice to meet you! :)NG
smilnsigh said…
Hello again, and thank you for stopping by my Blog. Thank you so much, for your sweet words, about my city photos blog.

You are wayyy too sweet! I see the fannnnnntastic photos of cities around the world, and some blogs of just doorways which are amazing... and I'm just being inspired to _try_.

And you asked where... I'm in the NE of the USA. I'm lucky that it's a place, which came to appreciate the unique heritage of its architecture, and carefully preserves it. So very, very lucky.

But we've been here so long, that we were actually part of the preservation movement, which took hold here, in the '70's. :-)


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