Card Making Saturday

My sister, Melissa, (AudsMom) came over yesterday. We are both participating in a Vintage Easter Card Swap I'm hosting over at .

We did some shopping, I fixed a tasty dinner and then we got down to making cards.

Although we finished the cards, I'm not sure if Melissa had very much fun. My cutting machine was creating quite a bit of a challenge for her... and let's not even talk about her love for my adhesive machine. Anyway.... here are some samples of what we made. The little dog picture is a card I made for my niece, Audrey. Her birthday is Monday... and that little girl is turning 7.

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gorgeous usual!
grnidlady said…
those are so cute! you are so talented!
Anonymous said…
She gets her talent from her father and her good looks from her mother.
Tracey said…
Sigh...sometimes I find the most delightful things in blogland, like here this evening. Those cards are delightful.
Carrie said…
Those cards are adorable... you should have a giveaway for a few of them ;) hehe!

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