My Little Cupcake - June 2004

Was working on a vacation scrapbook from June 2004... and came across this picture. It's hard to believe how tall Alex has grown since 2004.

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He towers over me now.... and often refers to me as "Midget-tard". But gosh he looks so sweet and innocent in this picture.

Where did my little boy go?


Anonymous said…
He is growing up. We don't see him often and when we do he is already grown from the last visit. He does look innocent here in this picture. I am laughing now because I wonder what he thinks of his innocence these days? Nice memories. I went to Bears Mill on Sunday and got some nice photos. It was 60 years since I was there.
Dina said…
Hi, I visit your dad's blog and then went through your mothers and then yours, nice meeting you.
grnidlady said…
kids grow up so fast. all 5 of my kids are taller than me!

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