A Saturday in March

Gary and I went to Webster Street Market today as I needed to get some spices from the Spice Man. We had some lunch, but the Hungarian Cabbage Roll place had already closed... I guess they were sold out... so I just a little disappointed.

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After all my purchases, we went home to pick up the boychild so we could go to the movies. Alex wanted to see "300"... but after about 10 minutes... I decided I would rather watch something not so bloody and violent... and snuck over to watch "Premonition"

It's about 8:00 and we're hungry... so we will be fixing some pizza for a late dinner. I picked up a very scary and bloody Japanese movie... and I have to go rub a hunk of pork with an assortment of spices so that it might be enjoyed tomorrow as pulled pork.



I take it you are all feeling better then?

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