A Cold and Rainy Sunday Afternoon

The house is quiet. Hubby is asleep since he is working at the Hospital tonight. Boychild is in his cave-like room, playing Runescape on his computer and listening to his I-pod. I do hear Ares, from time to time, chirping a happy sound. Occassionally, I hear him circle Alex's room... and then lands back in his cage.

I just finished watching "Hannah and Her Sisters". It's free on Free Movies on Demand. I haven't watched this movie for probably 10 years or so... but it is still enjoyable. If you haven't seen it, it's a perfect movie for a rainy afternoon.

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I'm roasting a pork shoulder. I will probably bake some saurkraut with it and make mashed potatoes. Gary and Alex aren't too fond of saurkraut and pork baked together... so today I'm cooking it separately.

I'm also working on the April ATC swap I'm participating in. If I get them completed today... I'll post tonight.

OH MY GOSH... A squirrel just ran across the fence outside, a bagel hanging out of his mouth. He was moving too fast for me to grab my camera. I don't believe I've ever saw that before.


isa said…
Could you tell us what you meant by "It's free on Free Movies on Demand".I can't find this "Free Movies on Demand" site you mentionned.Thank you for your answer.

I get HBO and Showtime on Demand... so there is a whole series of Demand stations that are on my cable. One of them is "free on demand" movies. Mostly old vintage movies... or modern movies released at Sundance

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