Okay... I've finally watched the first 6 episodes of Showtime's latest series "Dexter".

Now... Dexter is a show about a serial killer, but the star of the show, Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall - you know him as the undertaker from Six Feet Under) is a respected police officer, who just happens to also be a serial killer, but with the loving and guiding influence of a foster Dad that was also a police officer, Dexter has been able to harnessed his serial killing spree and only kills really, really bad people. And well... he finds lots of them in his city, Miami.

I really enjoyed Six Feet Under... and it is sort of refreshing to see Michael C. Hall act in something so completely opposite of his previous role... and for you to completely forget him as the undertaker.

The first 6 episodes is currently on Showtime on Demand. If you got a couple of extra hours, you really need to go check this new series out.

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Melissa said…
Well, I don't have Showtime, but it sounds like an interesting show.
smilnsigh said…
Awwww, we don't get Showtime.

That picture you posted, looks funny-intriguing. :-)


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