The Police Have Arrived... we just got robbed

My hubby goes out to mail the ATCs for the Red Yellow Challenge... and someone had broken into our car. They removed a wallet we use for boychild's lunch money, a sunvisor thingy... a wallet we had in glove compartment with membership cards to video places, etc.....and a change purse.

The police said a similar thing happened last night in the parking lot behind our house... 3 unlocked cars were opened... and money, change, and easy items were lifted.

Their outside now dusting for prints. He thinks it's just some kids....and my hubby normally alarms the car... but tonight... he was so anxious about making dinner... I think he just forgot.

Found this fish tank on someone's blog... and thought it was too cute. I had to share.

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Katie said…
I'm sorry to hear you were robbed. It's such an invasion of privacy. I hope they find the people who did it. :(
Anonymous said…
Your mom said they found the kids with the goods.
smilnsigh said…
Oh sigh...

But I see that someone commented that "they found the kids with the goods." Hope _someone_ makes them understand, not to try that again!!!

Even if they don't grasp any 'rights and wrongs,' it's just plain common sense, that to break certain of society's laws, is bad for them. Dumb. Not wise. Not taking care of #1. Seems this would be understood, by anyone.


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