Spring Has Sprung Collage Swap

I recently participated in a 4 x 4 "Spring Has Sprung" collage Swap at Danielle Mueller's blog: The Vintage Dragonfly. That blog can be found here: http://thevintagedragonfly.typepad.com/

This is my entry.

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I received a beautiful 4 x 4... and will post it later tonight. I'm having a major allergy attack. I love Spring... but those little budding blossoms drive my nose into a sneezing panic.... and as you all know... without nose hairs to act as a filtering device... I'm pretty much screwed.

Later Dudes and Dudettes.


Anonymous said…
Where did the "nose hairs" get to? We all have them and they hurt like hell if you pull them out.
looks wonderful angela!

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