Dinnertime on a Quiet Saturday Night

Although it's way too early for fresh corn from Ohio, I picked up 6 ears from Kroger's today. I smeared each ear with softened butter, wrapped each ear with peppered bacon and baked them in the oven for dinner tonight.

I also sauteed some veggies in the wok... with a little sparkling wine. I roasted little red potatoes covered in olive oil, garlic, onions and some lemon pepper.

The chicken I marinated in olive oil, garlic, onions, salt and lemon pepper... and then fried it in the wok... adding some wine at the very end.

Hubby works tonight... so I wanted to make sure there was plenty of leftovers for him to take to work.

The corn... was so tender and sweet.... gosh... I'm looking forward to the summer... and all those fresh vegetables.

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looks soooooo YUMMY as always Angela!
Anonymous said…
Nice picture.

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