An Entree Vous Encounter

Wow... tonight we had some fun after work. A group of us gathered at Entree Vous to prepare some gourmet meals to eat later in the week.

You can find out more information on Entree Vous at:;jsessionid=20C80482F0C015149AB5143E254DAF80

You choose the dinners you want to prepare... and then you go to the workstation... assembly the dinner, package it up, slap a label on it... and it's ready to go home.

Tonight I prepared: Greek Marinated Pork Kabobs , Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts with Cream Cheese Filling , Golden Sesame Chicken , and Beef Adobo with Red and Black Beans.

Here's the Bacon Wrapped Chicken:
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Now Jennifer, who didn't really read the instruction, had some problems rolling her Mesa Verde Flank Steak. She needed a major intervention. But after reassembling the product.... she was very happy. She Jennifer and her Hunk of Meat.

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And this is me and the group from work. Afterwards we went out for a few adult beverages.

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Abraham Lincoln said…
Everyone is smiling. I guess the food was that good. Nice photos.

Today is the third episode in One Day in the Life of a Robin. It is about the toilet issues -- the poop sack. Tomorrow will be the end of the series with an unforgettable set of pictures. Hope you can see them.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo
wow that one man in the middle reminded me of a very happy dad! hahaha

so I bet this is costly?
Mom said…
Looks like you all had fun. The man in the chair, not to sure if he had fun or not. This must be something new out? Mom is now all moved into Brookhaven Rehab for her knee. More later. Love you
Rajesh Dangi said…

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