A Pesty Squirrel and Me

Last week I made the trek to Lowe's Garden Dept... to pick up some flower pots, window boxes, and soil. I had purchased border rolls, an instant garden sheet from QVC.. and boychild and I planted them.

The next day some of the pots had been disturbed, soil was laying on the ground... and the green pressed sheets of seeds were torn. I assumed it was a chipmunk as the window boxes were undisturbed... only the pots sitting on the ground.

After several days... and several replantings... in frustration I moved all the pots to the backyard. And I'll be damn... this morning all the pots are dug up... and the sheets of seeds no longer there.

And then.. I caught the culprit.

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This picture was taken inside through the screen and glass... but the little squirrel jumps on the chair beside the table... and from the chair dives onto the pots... and begins to dig furiously.

Well... I furiously opened the door... at least 5 times in the last hour to keep the squirrel off my pots... and finally in frustration moved the chairs so he can't jump on the table.

And this damn little squirrel... comes back after the move.... drinks some water in a dish I have out for the animals... and walks to the patio door and peers in... I think he was trying to see if I was there... and jumped on the loveseat.... and tried to jump on the pots.

So... I'm going outside to rearrange everything... and replant my pots.


oh no.....I bet no flowers come up now! holy crap!

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