Saturday with Missy and Audrey

Melissa and Audrey came over to spend the day. We went to Nothing but Noodles for lunch. Audrey was disappointed to discover that they no longer carry cotton candy.

Then we came home and began to "craft". Audrey made her mother a paperbag album which was sweet. Melissa finished a project she was working on. I cut out enough paper to cover 5 paperbag albums which I'm going to give to my sisters and Mom filled with Mother Day pictures.

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I grilled chicken outside. Thankfully the chicken had just finished and I was going to throw a few hotdogs on the grill, when it began to rain. Needless to say, we all were disappointed to realize there would be no toasted marshmallows.

But as it began to rain, I grabbed my camera (which I dropped the other night at Entree Vous... and it just doesn't seem right) and took some pictures of the rain in the birdbath. I'm very happy I got this birdbath. I'm really enjoying watching the birds that come for a drink.

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After dinner we finished our crafting projects. Audrey began working on an album for her Dad. She was learning the fine art of cropping her pictures.

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I packed up some food for Melissa to take home... and off they went into the night.

NOW.... I'm going upstairs to take off this Bra.


looks and sounds like a fun-filled day!
Anonymous said…
All of the pictures look good. I was surprised you had dropped the camera. What doesn't feel right about it?

Nothing new here. We got 2 minutes of rain last night -- at most. Thunder. Mack got upset about that.
Mom said…
Looks like you all had a nice time. Glad the bra stayed on till the company went home. That makes about the second or third time you've dropped your camera doesn't it? I think you dropped it on Mother's Day and you said it was making a funny little rattle that it didn't have before. Have a good rest of the week-end. Love you

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