Ahhhh...... that aching back

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Wednesday afternoon it hit. My lower back was aching all day, but around 3:15 pm I decided to go into an empty office and stretch my back. I laid down on the floor and placed my legs up on the wall. It felt like a good stretch at the time. However, when I tried to get up.... well.... the spasms began. It took me 10 minutes just to get up in a chair.

Fortunately, my doctor stayed at his office until I could make it in to see him. He said my back muscles were inflamed and tight. He said he had never seen such tight muscles before. So... he prescribed a muscle relaxer... and gave me an injection to help the inflamation. I went home... took the muscle relaxer and I was out for the night.

I missed two days at works... because I couldn't sit up...and my hands and feet were numb. Today I'm finally able to walk... and went for a massage appointment. Now I feel like I just have sore muscles... but it's almost impossible to turn my head left.

So.... I'm taking it easy this weekend.


Melinda said…
wow...better take care!

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