A Hot Monday

The nice summer weather has turned into a mean mutha ... shooting upwards to 93 today and coating us with thick humidity.

Today was just one of those days... you get up, you go to work, you come home, you fix dinner and then you wait until "Hells Kitchen" comes on. Hubby is at work, boychild is upstairs in his little cave-like room.... and the only sounds I hear is the dishwasher and the ringing in my left ear.

Now... before I came home, I dropped by Drug Mart. I had to purchase those pesty little tampons. And... well... I picked up a box of fudgicles for me, and a box of ice cream bars for boychild.

The cashier, a young male, actually asks me "did you find everything you were looking for?" I gazed downwards at the tampons and icecream snacks. I muttered something about "oohhh DrugMart is that one stop shopping... not only can I pick up a snack for my son, but I can also purchase necessary female products." He actually smiled... and said "That's what we like to hear."

Naturally, I was thinking he was thinking "God... she's on the rag and craving sweets... so just be nice to the bloated lady."

Then I came home and took off my bra. Gosh... I must be retaining fluid in my breasts today.

Oh... and then boychild saw the tampons and said "Damn Mom aren't you about done with all that stuff".

Aren't children wonderful. Of course I responded: "Well my dear little cupcake, Mommy can always have another child... and then you get to play big brother 24/7." He went back up to his room.

So... no pictures from today. The below pictures are from my parent's yard. I took them on Father's Day. The birdhouse and the creepy face made by Dad... aka oldmanlincoln.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh... and on that day, Father's Day Sunday... I went outside and I had this feeling that something was watching me. I looked around... and then I looked up. To my surprise... this was staring down at me:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes... there is a Demonic Squirrel in Brookville too. I believe there is a Society of Demonic Squirrels and I am posted on their national blog... and they are stalking me.

Off to eat a fudge bar.


Mom said…
Are you sure that squirrel didn't follow you up here? He looks like yours from your house.

Yes it was terribly muggy yesterday, we had been having such nice cool, dry weather and all at once this came along. I know we need the rain, but I do prefer the dry air. Have a great day at work. Stay cool. Love you, Mom
Melinda said…
OH THAT is hilarious!

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