It's My Birthday

When I arrived at work today, this is what greeted me.

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Notice how I got the long, rigid, erect balloons? I'm not sure why I got those.

Then some of my favorite peeps from the Commercial area took me to lunch at the Olive Garden.

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In back row: Tina, Angie, Alex, Marlene
Front Row: Bev and Lisa

We had a nice lunch, however, the ringing in my left ear is so loud, it was hard for me to hear everyone.

Upon my return to work... my office peeps (the Private Client Services group), had cupcakes from A Taste of Elegance and sang me the traditional song.

And speaking of songs... my Daddy Jerel surprised me with a very, dirty version of Happy Birthday on my voicemail. God... I just love him and miss his dirty little self in our office.

And tonight... this is the dinner Gary prepared for me:

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And guess what? He also got me cupcakes from A Taste of Elegance... but we are so full, we are going to eat those later.

I'll post present shots later.

Off to enjoy birthday!!


Melissa said…
Happy Birthday Angela. I love those balloons, and the dinner looks yummy too. Sounds like a great day. You'll have to post your present pictures too.
Mom said…
Looks like you lucked out all the way around. See how many friends you have and all the people that love you.
WOW....everything looks so yummy! Those were rocket balloons by the way. If you let them turn loose they fly around and make a funny sound!
Reader,Wil said…
Happy belated birthday!

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