A Saturday in Ohio

The weather yesterday is what Summer should be. A nice breeze, low humidity, and just a few little sprinkles of rain. My sisters, Audrey, Noah and my son, Alex, went to Kings Island yesterday. The temperature was only suppose to reach 80... with a small chance of showers.

They left around 10:15... and I believe Alex got home around 9:00 pm last night. Of course he comes in walking very wide-legged, having developed a heat rash on his thighs... and complained about the skin disappearing on the heels of his feet. He took a shower, I gave him some Gold Bond powder... which (evil smile)I told him it would burn... but feel better tomorrow... and he did do a little jumpy heat dance with it. He went to bed around 11:30 asking for a Tylenol PM before he went nighty-night.

Below are some pictures taken by my sister Melinda.

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And this is a sweet picture of Noah and Audrey.

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Melinda said…
well we walked around in WET clothes for the entire day too.....I mean Alex and I and Audrey were SOAKED!!!! SO that may have contributed to his "rash!"

could have been more chapped!

we had a blast though....and yes...it was a perfect day......weather was excellent!
Anonymous said…
Very nice photography girls and the subject matter is neat too. Sorry about the heat rash. I hope he was wearing shorts (better to evaporate the sweat). We visited grandma C and saw David, Maxine and girls.

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