The Baby Bunny and that Demonic Squirrel

Today, before it got too hot outside, I went out in my parent's backyard and almost stumbled over a tiny baby bunny.

It was so cute, and so small. As I fumbled with my camera it ran off and I was only able to capture one shot.

However, I sat quietly on a bench, waiting for it to return. And as I was focusing on a small patch of clover, I heard a sound. Oh yes... you know that sound that only demonic squirrels can make.

My gaze inched over my viewfinder, and there he was... standing up, gazing directly at me.

I turned ever so slowly... and was able to capture this shot of him.

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Now, when my flash went off, so did the squirrel.

Later in the afternoon, I was able to find the little bunny. He was hiding in a cluster of hostas and later I found him stretching out in some dirt... but before I went home... he appeared nibbling on some grass.

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Melinda said…
oh the squirrel shots are hilarious!

I saw your post at EFX2 also.....not the best shots of me and Noah but okay :P

LOVE YOU....great photos you took!
Melinda said…
cause I know you post shots of me there because you think I cannot see them...haha......

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