Birthday Wishes Marlene

Today was Marlene's birthday. We took her out to lunch on Monday... and another group took her to lunch on Tuesday... and both groups will be going next week to Cold Stone Creamery to celebrate her birthday again with mega icecream.

I didn't make her a card this year... instead... I made a little 4 x 4 wall hanging... since I'm going through a "faery" craze.

So... here is Marlene's little "birthday wish" faery.

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Mom said…
Nice hanging, sounds like a lot of celebration going on for one Birthday. Well the rain finally arrived, what a blessing. But what a night with Mack, I think he is a lot worse then Autumn ever was.
Anonymous said…
Nice job Angela.
reader Wil said…
Have a nice birthday party, Angela. Your mom helped me to set up a new blog here. Your post is very nice!

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