July 1st - Centerville Ohio

I decided today that since I was feeling better and could walk upright, to drop off Melissa and Melinda's birthday presents and then make a quick stop to Arcanum to visit Grandma C.

On the way, I noticed a local nursery had these huge inflatable geese floating on their pond. Luckily I had my camera and took a few shots of their display.

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It was certainly a beautiful summer day.... low humidity, a nice breeze... a perfect night for fireworks.

Doesn't this look like they are ready for the 4th of July?

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And while we were visiting Grandma C, Melinda and Noah popped in. Noah was excited to see us... and Melinda and Noah will be coming over to our house in a couple of weeks for a cookout.

Here is Grandma C (recovering pretty good from her knee replacement surgery, Noah and Melinda.

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Melinda said…
yes Noah was excited to see you......especially YOU Angela....haha...he skipped over grandma altogether on greetings when he came in!
Mom said…
I talked to Mom around 9pm. She told me how Noah was so excited to see you, Angela. She had finished her exercises and had ice on her leg. She said the bag has already sprung a leak, I told her when Sonny comes over Thursday to get the rest of her prescription to have him take it back. Of course she didn't keep her sales slip, but I just got that for her the week she went home from rehab. It shouldn't have popped a seam already.

She only has this week and next, then she'll be able to leave the house again. I'll have to go up and take her to Greenville for her fish and chips, she loves Captain D's.

Take it easy with your back this week, and make sure boy child has a list of things to keep him busy ALL week.
Love you all.
Anonymous said…
Nice pictures Angela.

Cool here this morning. Love that.

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