Shimmer nka Splash is still alive

Last Monday, Hubby and Son reported that Shimmer had died. Of course I was upset. We had purchased him on Friday the 13th... and here it was the 16th... and he was dead.

When I came home... Shimmer was still in his bowl. I leaned down and whispered to him that I was sorry he was dead... and the little shit went from one side of the bowl to the other...and then did circles. Needless to say... I was glad they hadn't flushed him.

So... last night I purchased a little bridge for his bowl. He loves it. Here he is:

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As soon as I came home... he was up at the top of the bowl... waiting for me to feed him. Poor little guy was hungry. Look at him posing:

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Mom said…
Glad the little fellow made it alright.

Now he has a hiding place from boy child and hubby.
Melinda said…
that looks cool!
Gretz said…
What a GORGEOUS fish! I have never seen anything like him!

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