Things are Heating Up around here

I just finished watching "Hell's Kitchen". God, I just love that show and the antics of Gordon Ramsey. Things are heating up... and 2 leaders are slowly emerging.

And speaking of things heating was a hot July day. The central air is running double time tonight... it just doesn't seem to be cooling down in here.

Well... off to work on an anniversary card for someone celebrating 52 years of marriage.

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Mom said…
Hard to believe, 52 years. Your Dad keeps telling everyone it's 53, I guess it seems a year longer to him. Ha!Ha!

Hope it's a little cooler today, they said it is suppose to be. And by Thursday it should be real nice. We'll see, I know how often the weather man is correct.

Love you.
Anonymous said…
My wife, Patty, and I have been married for 52 years today. Imagine that.
52 married years

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