A Blog Favorite: Hel Looks

I know I featured this blog site before, but I stumble across it from time to time and it always amazes me. The blog is: The HEL LOOKS.

HEL LOOKS is selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The pictures are taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki from July 2005 to present. HEL LOOKS is a hobby project of Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen. Their blog is found here: http://www.hel-looks.com

So today I came across it again... and spent about 40 minutes looking at all the people... and began to wonder TWO things. Why are men's legs so thin... and where did all the chubby, fat people go?

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Now I'm searching the internet trying to find a diet plan based on the Finland diet. I mean... out of probably 300 pictures... I came across only one pair of chunky thighs. I realize there is a lot of cold weather... and maybe people are more active than Americans....but even the 88 year olds are fit. I just can't believe someone out there hasn't developed a lifestyle plan based on the diet and exercise habits of the occupants of Finland.

So... if you want to experience a freshness to fashion, be inspired by colors and just enjoy the uniqueness of mankind... please check out this blog.

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oldmanlincoln said…
I know some bloggers from Finland so will have to point them to your blog so they can see what you posted. I will also go there and have a look myself.
Melinda said…
haha...I can always count on you to make me hungry or be inspired or put a smile on my face.....sometimes all the above at the same time like tonight!
Rosa said…
If you find the diet, let me know. (Probably straight fish . . . ew, no wonder they're skin and bones.) (PS Found you through SSOF.)

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