A Challenge from Hermine

Yesterday I discovered a new blog filled with some amazing designs. It is called Hermines Place and can be found at: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com

As I read through each entry, I came upon a challenge on August 1st. She had created a background and was allowing us to download the image and use it for our designs.

I loved the colors of her background and was quite inspired. Here are the designs I came up with last night.

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This morning she has posted an unique design using a spin and splash thingy. It's really cool... and I know it will appear on a card in the future.


Anonymous said…
Nice designs.

Hope you are all OK.

Abraham Lincoln
About Abraham Lincoln
Hermine said…
WOW, they are so gorgeous. Love all three of them. Thank you so much for playing with this challenge.
Viola said…
Gorgeous, love them all!
Paula said…
Gorgeous work. I am still elearing a lot about these ATC's. Hermine is fabby, I love her stuff!!
Jo Capper Sandon is also fab, check out her blog.
Melissa said…
Great work Angela, I like how you used the design!
Gillian said…
Another wonderful collection using the backgrounds, great work:)
Lovely work.
enjoy said…
Gorgeous little artworks!
Godelieve said…
These are really fabulous!
katrin said…
absolute stunnig and great work. love the diversity of xour work!
Rein said…
These are gorgeous!

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