It has been a quiet day. The humidity has returned. Yesterday was such a nice day with no humidity and cooler weather.

The day has been overcast... but still no rain. It hasn't rained for weeks in this little part of Ohio and the grass and the plants are starting to look like they will never recover.

Tonight I fixed chicken breasts wrapped with bacon and mozzarella cheese, cucumbers and onions in a yummy sauce, corn sauteed with onions, bacon and black beans, and since boychild probably won't eat the corn or the cucumber I fixed onion rings.

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After dinner, Alex picked up one of the catalogs I received in the mail yesterday. It's basically a speciality catalog of gothic, fairy, vampire, wiccan images and clothes. Alex was smiling at one particular item. When I asked him what he was looking at, he said bikini panties. I couldn't remember seeing any panties in the catalog so I asked him to show them to me. As he passed the catalog to me he said, "Now I can see myself eating those." Yikes... my baby, who turns 15 on the growing up.

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And below are a couple of items I stamped yesterday. Melissa had some bridal stamps, so I stamped the two dresses, colored them in with markers and sprinkled glitter on top. They will eventually make their way on top of a birthday card to "princess-like" people. The other image is a stamp I love, but rarely use.

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Katie said…
Think of how painful that bikini would be to wear! Although I'd buy it just to eat it...straight from the packet though!
Mom said…
As usual the food looks really, really good. and the card looks great.

About the panties, let's hope he only had candy in mind. But then one never knows when a young man is 15 and hormones are surging. Love you guys.
Melinda said…
hahahaha....oh are a funny one!

Angela....that food all looks so yummy! I could eat that chicken and corn and cucumbers and onions all now!
Rosa said…
That dinner looks delish. I love all your ATCs too!

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