Audrey's Little Project

One of the items that Little Miss Audrey worked on was a paperbag scrapbook for me.

This is the cover of her scrapbook:

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She had just bought those stickers that morning, and I tried to talk her out of using them on my book [as I thought she would rather use it on a scrapbook page for herself in one of her princess gowns] and she almost started to cry... so I quickly told her that I loved it and would really like it on my book.

She then asked if I liked Mickey Mouse and of course... I told her I did..... and when I was looking through the book she created... I came across this page.

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Oh... but the way... to those of you that don't know. According to Little Miss Audrey... I am a Princess.. and like I rock!!.

And of course for those non-believers out there.... I believe this credential validates my bloodline.

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It's a sweet little book, made even more special since my little Audrey did it for me.


Anonymous said…
The book is very nice Angela and she obviously thinks a lot about you and I think it shows it what she did. Nice photos too.
Melinda said…
aw now that is sweet!
Katie said…
Aww that is so cute! She's put a lot of effort into that, it's beautiful. :)

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