Busy Weekend

I want one of those Spa weekends... where you get pampered, you can read and journal, take leisurely walks through an autumn woods (after taking sufficient allergy drugs) and sitting down to enjoy an autumn feast that someone else has prepared.

Well.... it's not happening this weekend.

Last night I did prepare a delicious dinner of smothered pork chops and mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, a tomato, cucumber, pepper and pepper onion salad and chocolate peanut butter pie.

The tomatoes for the meal came from a friend, Alex, who planted plum tomatoes. He just returned from 2 weeks in Japan... and had lots of tomatoes to share. Thanks so much Alex... they were delicious.

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Now... for a new craving. I have been grilling peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I'm not a fan of peanut butter... but for some unknown reason.... I love these sandwiches. The peanut butter and honey commingle into a melting, oozing mixture... that is very yummy. This is what I had for breakfast.

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Off to the kitchen. I'm making Slow Roasted Sticky Chicken. We all enjoy it... and it's so easy. Of course it roasts for 5 hours at 250... so it gives me time to do other things.

Later peeps!


Melissa said…
Tell Gary Happy Birthday! I'm going to bake some chicken for our dinner.
Mom said…
Yes, you forgot to mention it's your hubby's Birthday.

Everything looks delicious as usual. I understand your young son is cleaning up the kitchen. That's nice. Have a great evening. Love you, Mom
Merisi said…
One thing I miss here in Vienna is really good peanut butter. I love the Arrowhead Mills Crunchy Peanut butter on hot toasted whole wheat bread (the Giant's bread was best), thick with strawberry jam from Cascade Farms. My friend Cindy brought this delicacy one day to the pool, years ago, to feed the kids. Well, I am hooked ever since. :-) If I ever get hold of a good jar of peanut butter again, I shall try it with honey. Sounds delicious.
(Now I am in real trouble: I peeked at Arrowhead Mills' website, and what do I have to read? They are baking Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie! Must taste like a gigantic Reese's peanut butter cup. *yummy!help*
Anonymous said…
Yum - I love those close-up pics!
Merisi said…
Had to come back to check if you were off to the Spa! :-)))
Melinda said…
all looks yummy!

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