Just a little catch-up

Having a holiday on a Monday, and following that up with a vacation day on Tuesday.... when I go to work on Wednesday, it's really my Monday, and now it's Thursday... and where has the week gone!!!! So... below is a card I made for Milissa, a friend from work

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And yes, I'm going through a glitter phase... not sure why. Well... because I like the way it sparkles I suppose.

Now, there is a blog called " Think Monday - Think ATC". There blog is http://tmta.wordpress.com/

This week's challenge is "Men". Then I thought about it, and I rarely use a "man" in any of my ATCs... so here is my entry below:

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Now there is a new blog called "Gothic Arch Challenge"... so I'm participating in this week's challenge which is the "Moon". This is my first arch by the way... and their blog site can be found : http://www.gothicarches.blogspot.com

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And.... I found this image of a girl on a swing... and wanted to use her with a creepy haunted house setting... so... now I'm looking for some words to place on the card. Do you have any suggestions?

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Can you believe I'm participating in a football pool at work. I mean the only time I went to a football game was when I attended BYU in Provo, Utah... and that has been many years ago. I mean... I'm so clueless about football... I didn't realize Baltimore had a football team. So.. wish me luck


Garden girl said…
hi this was my first gothic arch too! but well done - its very satisfying to try something new isnt it?
Angelina said…
Wow! I really love your Arch with the balletdancer! Just beautiful!
Melinda said…
I like that haunted house one!
Susie Q said…
I absolutely love your work!

I found your blog your Dad's. I wandered into his photography blog and just loved it. I see that artistic talent runs in your family!

I have just been reading and viewing for a half an hour and really enjoyed myself.

I am in Ohio as well..near Centerville.

I truly am impressed with your work!

Lisa RenĂ©a said…
All your creations are lovely, Fabulous arch! Love the quote and how you've used the images!
Marilyn Rock said…
Love your recent pics! It's neat challening ourselves isn't it? I do like your first arch piece and the girl on the swing with the haunting background is awesome! Great job!
so glad you joined in creating an arch! love the dreamy effect of your arch - sooo pretty! :)
DymphieM said…
You've been busy. Love your arch!

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