Just a Monday Afternoon

My birdbath has been very popular this afternoon. I've filled it out 2 times already and my patio is soaked. However, the birds are enjoying it... and seem to wait patiently for their turn.

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I swear once I looked out and there were at least 15 birds taking a bath. It is somewhat chilly so after they bathe... they fluff up and seem to enjoy the sun.

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These photos were taken through a glass door. I sat for an hour with my screen door opened just a crack to take their photo... but these are clever little birds.... and as soon as I shut the door...they just in the bird bath.


Katie said…
That's a lovely sight. I'd love to have a bird bath, it would be fun watching them swim and then dry out. :)
Melinda said…
this is so cute!
Mom said…
Aren't they fun to watch, They're all the time taking baths in the different cement watering dishes your Dad made and he's always filling them up. It's also amazing how many can get into a dish at the same time.
Love you, Mom
Anonymous said…
Nice shot Angela. I like it. The birds always look so nonchalant when taking a bath.

I did a new blog about Japan and when we were there and the link to it is on my daily photo blog.

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