Little Miss Audrey

Little Miss Audrey loves to jump. And she loves to jump fast and continuously. I tried to jump... but those hard plastic beads adorning her rope smacked the front of my ankles... and well... I no longer wanted to jump.

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When I was a little girl, about Audrey's age, I loved to jump rope. I mean we would run out of the classrooms to be the first in line to jump rope. And we jumped every day. We laughed and sang and jumped and twirled... and it was fun. Funny how perceptions change as you grow older.

And this is little Miss Audrey helping me clean up after we stirred up some brownies.

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For some unknown reason... I'm tired. I'm off to bed. I'll post pictures of our crafting results tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
She is growing up so fast. And Pat and I talked about jumping rope yesterday. We both remembered when we could do it but now we only remember doing it. Those were school days when life was a lot simpler.

Went to Richmond and met up with Nancy and Neal Amstutz and surprised Sonny. Him and eva are on the outs. Had a nice meal at MCL.
Melinda said…
so sweet!
Melinda said…
I just noticed your grass all looks dead! OURS is like a golf course up green and lush! I will have to mow again today!
It has probably only rained once during the month of August and twice during July. Every time you said you were having severe thunderstorms... we had nothing here 57 miles away. Everything is dead... and even the bushes under the windows will need to be replaced.
Melissa said…
She loves to jump rope, that's for sure!

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