So how many people does it take to squeeze a drop of eyedrops into a 15 year old?

At least 6?

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Front Row: Noah and Audrey
Next Row: Melissa hands are revealed and Melinda's hair and shirt (both watching)
Third Row: Becky squeezing eyedrops... and of course... my boychild Alex.

And hidden: Me... snapping the pic... while Aunties and Cousins... observe.

Alex, like myself, is highly allergic to cat. Audrey and Becky bought have cats... and Audrey was attached to Alex all day. His left eye finally became swollen.... and red... hence the need for the eyedrops... and he doesn't like eyedrops.


Patty said…
I guess Audrey and Noah want to see what's going on in case they need eye drops sometime. Mom and I just set back and watched everything and would look at one another now and then and just smile.

Where it the one of Alex, Becky and me, wanted to see how tall he looks now. Send it to me.

Love you
Melissa said…
Poor kid.....

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