A Labor Day Tradition - Mom's Potato Salad

Well... another Labor Day has come and gone. When I was little, we watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon... but as I grew older... I stopped watching. Jerry Lewis sort of creeps me out.

But a tradition that continues is the Labor Day cookout. Of course, boychild went to the movies with a friend, and hubby was sound asleep [as he worked at the hospital for 12 hours last night] so it was I that carried on the tradition, making Mom's Potato Salad, Better Homes and Garden Easy Baked Beans (a classic in this family) and grilled hamburgers ... and although I don't have a grilling apron that says "Home of the Whopper" I stepped in as the GrillMaster.

So between commercial breaks of American's Top Model, I boiled potatoes and eggs. Here's the "Before" shot ... potatoes and eggs... fresh from a boiling pot of water:

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And of course... I would have to provide an "After" Shot. My mother, and my grandmother have always sprinkled paprika on top of their potato salad and their deviled eggs. They're not Hungarian (my hubby is) ... but paprika seems to be a tradition... so naturally... I'm using it too.

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And tomorrow... in honor of Labor Day... I'm taking a vacation day. Boychild is very envious.


Melinda said…
looks good!
Mom said…
Looks yummy.
Anonymous said…
It does look delicious, Angela. And your writing is good too. I like your post.

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