The Day Before Halloween

Today has been a great day. And tonight all the little goblins stop by for some treats... and hopefully no tricks.

Today I did finally get to see Mike Elsass' Front Street Studio. It's in an old warehouse and the studio is huge... with a lot of light streaming in.

Mike, who's medium is acrylic on rusted steel, is working with Abby Lane to produce some of his work in poster format. Below is a picture of him autographing a few of these prints with me peering over him.

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Hopefully our schedules will mesh, and I can go there on Saturday's to assist him, and for him to do some mentoring with me. If that happens, I'll post the results.

Well... time for the little goblins to appear. Later


Patty said…
Thank you for the lovely Halloween card we got from you today.

Melinda brought Noah and Melissa brought Audrey down for Trick or Treating. But since Melissa felt pretty lousy yet from her sinuses, Becky and Margaret walked around with them and Melissa stayed here at the house. They got quite a few items. More later.
Melissa said…
I hope you get to spend Saturday with him. I know you have been anxious to learn from him!

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