Dinner with Udons

I found a pack of Udon noodles in the back of my pantry. I'm not sure when or where I bought them, and since the expiration date was sometime in 2008, I figured I would use them.

Interestingly these Japanese Udon noodles are a product of Australia. Hmmmm... it makes you wonder?

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I boiled the noodles as directed... and when they were ready, I rinsed them with cold water.... and added a tablespoon of sesame seed oil to them so they wouldn't stick.

And then came all the prep work. And not one sous chef in the house. So... I chopped and diced and then began. We love the double fried noodles at PFChang... so I decided to try something like that.

The marinade for the chicken was rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and cornstarch. And after stir frying all the veggies and chicken, I created a broth using chicken stock, brown sugar, dark soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic.

I fried the noodles in about 2 tablespoons of oil... turning from time to time because I wanted a crunch. Then I drizzled the noodles with the broth I had created.

I topped the fried noodles with the stir fry... and declared dinner was served.

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Actually... it was pretty close in taste to PFChangs. Next time I'll add some minced ginger.

Off to watch a total chick flick. Hubby's weekend to work 3rd shift at Hospital and little cupcake is at neighbors playing Halo.


Melissa said…
Dinner looks good Angela. What chick flick did you watch, anything new?
Patty said…
WOW, that looks good.
I have some stew meat on cooking, then I'm going to add some baby carrots, and some potatoes, after it has all cooked, going to drain and add some canned beef gravy. That and a salad should be enough for our lunch time meal.

Love you,
Melinda said…
looks super yummy!

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