Halloween Candy Tins - Step1

My sister saw a website where they took Hershey Nugget candies and wrapped Avery Labels over them after they stamped on them. Then they place inside cute little tins.

So, today boychild went out with a friend to a movie and I decided to start stamping.

I stamped enough for 10 tins. I have 6 more tins to complete.

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Took a break from stamping and watch a movie called "A Mighty Heart" based on Mariane Pearl's memoir about the month-long search for her missing husband (Daniel Pearl) while she held vigil in their temporary Pakistan home. Very serious role for Angelina Jolie, but she was excellent in it. Although it's a heavy movie, it is very good.

Now it's back to stamping.

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Melissa said…
Cool looking stamping you did. I like the purple added to the stamps...nice idea!
Merisi said…
I feel like a very lazy person.
I will have some candies though,
since even here in Vienna kids come to our apartment door to trick or treat! Last year I had to give out money. *drats*
Maybe I should think about stamping? ;-)
REENblack said…
Very creative! I've seen the wrapped Hershey's too, but never thought to actually do it myself!

(I usually stamp cards! I was very proud of myself when I made several cards this week! http://randomramblingsfrome.blogspot.com/2007/10/crafty-me.html)

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